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A Very Merry Christmas Do!

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Last Thursday saw Quicksilva’s Christmas party at a Winter Wonderland themed event in Bristol. The usually casual Q team scrubbed up nicely for the event, with more than a few of the boys donning Dinner Jackets and more sequins than Strictly (on the girls, that is).

Warming up with a Christmas cocktail, the turkey soon arrived and the wine started to flow…and flow…and flow.

This may have been a contributing factor to the dancefloor annihilation that proceeded – from Motown, to Mark Ronson, to some classic 90’s House, the Quicksilva team showcased their moves all night long.

The mood was considerably more subdued the next morning in the office, it’s fair to say. Many ask, why choose a Thursday night? We say there is something uniting about a collective morning after…and the blow was softened with the now traditional McDonalds breakfast.

Now that heads are clear once more and the photographic evidence is doing the rounds, the team all agree it was a very successful and very merry Christmas do.

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