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Quicksilva and Cievert deliver Patient Demographics to Oncologists for safer Radiotherapy referrals

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Cievert can now offer its customers secure, reliable and fast access to patient demographics from the Patient Demographic Service of the NHS Spine, achieved using Quicksilva’s Spine Mini-Service, orQestra ® .

The additional functionality enhances Cievert’s cas-per solution, a unique offering which manages the registration, referral and scheduling process for all radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments.

Verified PDS data is automatically fed directly into the patient referral workflow – a process which previously relied on sticky labels and potentially illegible patient notes. Key to the process is the retrieval of a verified NHS number – now mandatory on all NHS and adult social care correspondence – which means smoother reconciliation of cas-per records with those from other connecting systems, as the patient moves through care settings.

Chris Kennelly, MD of Cievert said, "by working with Quicksilva, we have greatly enhanced the experience that we offer our customers which ultimately benefits the patient, ensuring their referral is processed in a timely manner."

The enhancement has also enabled cas-per to mitigate associated clinical risk, providing reassurance for clinical staff that the correct patient has been identified before the referral process commences. A member of staff from Mount Vernon Cancer Centre described the difference this has made; “since using cas-per we have been able to improve the turnaround time between receiving the referral and the patient’s first appointment”.

Quicksilva’s Business Development Manager Bonnie Thomas said of working with Cievert:

‘When Cievert approached us we were thrilled to expand orQestra ® into this exciting new field. We often hear from other orQestra ® NHS Trust customers that everybody benefits from improved data quality when connecting systems such as cas-per have access to verified NHS information, since records can be reconciled more efficiently, duplicates are more easily spotted and the risk of errors is reduced’.

cas-per now verifies over 230 patient records per month across two NHS sites, with rollout underway for a third site in December 15.

For more information about orQestra ® please contact Bonnie Thomas on bonnie.thomas@qxlva.com (www.qxlva.com). For more information about cas-per, please contact David Birchmore on david.birchmroe@cievert.co.uk (www.cievert.co.uk)

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