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UK’s first NHS Trust goes live with ITK Spine mini-service

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University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust (UHNS) today announced that it has gone live with the first Interoperability ToolKit (ITK) Spine Mini-Service in the UK. The solution was developed by Quicksilva and is enabling the Trust to access and verify patient demographic information faster and more accurately than ever before. UHNS is setting the blueprint for other Trusts that want to access the Personal Demographics Service (PDS), quickly and securely, so that a patient can be readily identified by healthcare staff without going through lengthy NHS Compliance processes.

Real time patient verification is hugely important for the Trust. Staff can now verify NHS numbers when patients are on site, saving time and protecting the Trust from the pitfalls of inaccurate data. This ensures that the Trust can be reimbursed by the NHS and avoid penalties that result from holding inaccurate data.

Quicksilva’s orQestra® Spine Mini Service is the first solution of its kind. It incorporates copyrighted algorithm technology to run traces and discover data in real time. It is also the first solution to go live via an ITK Spine Mini Service and is the flagship product in Quicksilva’s new line of ITK compliance tools, which enable organisations to benefit from its rich heritage in Connecting for Health compliance testing.

Rebecca Gallimore, Deputy Head of ICT at UHNS explained;

“Previously, we had no direct access to the PDS and we were reliant upon a weekly DBS Batch Tracing process, which limited the efficiency of our patient data updates”.
“Now we have a fully integrated real-time solution within which NHS numbers can be verified and updated automatically on a daily basis. Because orQestra electronically updates our records we’re able to focus on other data issues such as ensuring we have the correct GP recorded, safe in the knowledge that our PDS is consistent and accurate.
“For UK Trusts like ours, follow up work after initial submission of the commissioning data requires a lot of verification because of incompatible PDS data. We’re the first to realise the benefits of the reporting power of orQestra. It simplifies the process and helps us improve efficiency and eliminate revenue loss”.
“The orQestra solution provides focused reports specifically targeted at our requirements and selecting a known problem record which has dramatically improved efficiency of data correction by a factor of 10 – which is great news. The return on investment has been immediate.”

Gayna Hart, Managing Director of Quicksilva said,

“We have taken a brand new approach to PDS connectivity. orQestra® resolves the complexity of reviewing PDS data by presenting a simplified interface which can be accessed by any existing, planned or future IT system, encouraging choice. We are getting huge interest for the product line from all types of healthcare organisations, such as Trusts, health authorities and system suppliers. UNHS is a great example of the benefits orQestra® can enable in practice and we are sure that the customers we are talking to will want to follow this example.”
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