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Quicksilva Underpins NHS Electronic Prescriptions Rollout

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Cegedim Rx achieves NHS compliance using Quicksilva’s Spinal Tap®

Quicksilva, an independent provider of software and services to the public sector, today announced that its flagship product, Spinal Tap® is being used at the heart of digitising the prescription process. Pharmacy technology supplier Cegedim Rx is using Spinal Tap® to manage all communication with the central NHS Spine database as part of the NHS Connecting For Health (NHS CFH) Electronic Prescriptions Service Release 2 (EPS R2) programme. The first pharmacy in England to use EPS R2 went live in July 2009 with Cegedim Rx’s Pharmacy Manager system and the company now plans to rollout EPS R2 functionality to over 4000 pharmacies that it supplies with technology.

Every day 1.5 million prescriptions are issued across England and EPS R2 will make the process more efficient and deliver major benefits to patients, GPs, pharmacists and the NHS. It allows patients to nominate a pharmacy most convenient to them from which to pick up their prescriptions. Their GP will then upload an electronic message to the Spine detailing the medication required and the nominated pharmacy will download it and fulfil the patient’s prescription. Pharmacies that are not EPS R2 compliant cannot be nominated by patients.

EPS R2 will streamline the delivery of prescriptions, enabling pharmacists to better manage their workload throughout the day as well as receive reimbursement electronically without the need to send in paper prescription slips. Patients will also benefit as they will be able pick up their prescription from the most convenient location and also avoid waiting time and delays.

QUOTE:"The national rollout of EPS 2 will revolutionise the dispensing of prescriptions, removing the majority of the paper from the system and making it faster and more efficient for everyone involved," said Gayna Hart, managing director, Quicksilva. "To ensure its success pharmacy software suppliers such as Cegedim Rx need secure and compliant communication with the NHS Spine. Following the success of this pilot we look forward to the nationwide rollout of EPS R2, underpinned by Spinal Tap®."

Cegedim Rx is the market leading supplier of software solutions and computer services to the UK pharmacy market. Customers include The Co-operative Group, Superdrug and Morrisons, as well as over 50 per cent of the independent pharmacy market.

QUOTE:"EPS R2 is the largest change to the pharmacy industry for decades," said Mike Collier, technical director, Cegedim Rx. "We need to provide our customers with the functionality required to embrace EPS R2. Our partnership with Quicksilva delivers the secure communications and enables the compliance that is central to rolling out EPS R2 across our complete customer base."

Spinal Tap® is an integration tool that enables healthcare providers to seamlessly and quickly plug into the Spine. Available either as a stand-alone application or via a hosted service, it enables healthcare systems to meet the compliance requirements of NHS CFH’s Programme that sets the standards for how applications must communicate with the NHS Spine. Quicksilva’s Spinal Tap® acts as a broker between existing and newly implemented systems held within healthcare organisations and the NHS Spine. Performing a message handler role, Spinal Tap® converts data held within healthcare systems into the HL7 message format required by the NHS Spine Services such as Electronic Prescriptions, Choose and Book, Patient Demographics, etc and provides secure flexible transmission of patient data to the NHS Spine.

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