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Quicksilva’s Spinal Tap® Message Broker Provides the Backbone

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Quicksilva is delighted to have its first customer, a pharmacy software provider, through NHS Development Compliance and with live prescriptions passing through our new Spinal Tap® Version 2 broker compatible with the new NHS Spine EPS Release 2. The system has been operational since last month and it is anticipated that the service will roll-out to selected pilot pharmacies in the next few weeks.

NHS Compliance ensures that any system that is connecting to the NHS Spine meets NHS standards of security, functionality and clinical safety before it is connected to the live environment. The Compliance process enforces strict testing procedures which culminate in Witness Testing overseen by NHS personnel, before sign-off can be given.

A second Quicksilva pharmacy software customer is currently going through Witness Testing in order to gain NHS Compliance and they are not far behind in processing live prescriptions. Quicksilva have been through the Compliance process with the NHS so many times now that we offer a fast track consultancy service, Compliance-in-a-Box® which draws on our experience and expertise to get our customers through and out the other side as efficiently as possible.

Quicksilva’s Spinal Tap® Version 2 messaging broker is backwards compatible with the previous Electronic Prescriptions Service (EPS) Spine Release so Quicksilva’s customers can continue to use the EPS Release 1 functionality before moving to the full Release 2 functionality as and when they are ready.

Quicksilva’s Spinal Tap® broker allows access to a variety of NHS Spine services through its service modules such as Choose and Book, Personal Demographics and Electronic Prescriptions. Modules are being added as the functionality becomes available in the Spine. In addition, Quicksilva has its own Spine-in-a-Box® infrastructure that allows our customers to develop, test and train against an environment that replicates NHS Spine operation. This proves invaluable when our customers choose to develop their own applications as it can be the difference between a speedy pass through Witness Testing and one where delays are caused by excess re-work.

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