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With increasing pressure from NHS England towards digital discharge summaries, Technical Director Gareth Butt examines what needs to be done to make the mark

Cievert can now offer its customers secure, reliable and fast access to patient demographics from the Patient Demographic Service of the NHS Spine, achieved using Quicksilva's Spine Mini-Service, orQestra®.

Travelling anywhere by car is a nightmare. What's new you may ask, but for me the impact of the daily commute is only just registering with me.

November was an eventful month that saw Quicksilva hit the road to attend two major HealthTech events.

Suffragette, the movie, has highlighted what a long way we've come in terms of the equality of men and women to have and express their opinions. Gone too are the days when women were seen as somehow lesser than men in the workplace, constrained by society to specific job roles, although there are still some jobs where it is not straight forward for women to fill a role.

NHS 111 is in the news again for all the wrong reasons.

Under-staffed, under-skilled, under-experienced, under-performing...all the old recognisable issues.

I've been having a "bit of a moment" over the last few months where the superficiality of leadership in business in general and government specifically has caused me lots of tutting and fuffing.

I'm always wary when I see the words "NHS" "drug companies" and "partnership" in the same sentence. Call me an old cynic, but conflict of interest springs to mind. We are purposeful beings and there is a purpose to everything we do no matter how remote or obscure it might seem to others. Just as there are always two sides to every argument, one man's meat is another man's poison, etc...

When I heard that the NHS was planning to add a "Death Plan" to patients & trade; records, I was pleasantly surprised that the management of End of Life Care and someone's death wishes would be taken into consideration. We often hear that the NHS has no time, or that it's soulless, leaving vulnerable people to die on trolleys but this is clearly not what the NHS wants nor anybody else for that matter. Gayna shares her thoughts...

On the drive to work my traffic stream was halted by a huge truck reversing round a corner into the tiny domestic driveway. I gazed at the scene without registering it...thinking about my day and what was waiting for me at the office. Gayna shares her thoughts...

Quicksilva are proud to announce a game-changing breakthrough in the London Borough of Islington. For the first time, hospitals, GPs and social care organisations across London are able to send key patient information seamlessly and securely by electronic transfer - replacing fax, post and telephone. I suppose when you think about it, the question is “Does this show a lack of respect?”

This month saw the exciting announcement by South Central Ambulance Service, that paramedics will access key patient information at the vital moments after a a call - using Quicksilva's orQestra® Spine Mini-Service. The project follows a successful bid by Swedish patient record supplier Ortivus.

Pilots are underway to link GP and hospital data to enable the NHS to identify disease patterns and monitor the efficacy of treatments, but has enough been done to win support from the NHS and the public? Gayna Hart shares her thoughts with Primary Care Today...

Merry Christmas from all at Quicksilva.

The Tech Partnership? Never heard of them? If you have any staff who you class as tech-enabled then have I got news for you… The Tech Partnership is a growing network of employers, collaborating to accelerate the growth of the digital economy, and Quicksilva is a member along with the “great and the good” of the technical sector. Quicksilva is an SME, but we identify with the agenda of the Tech Partnership, just as the giants of our industry do…and you probably will do too.

It all started when I was on the Tube last week and a woman in her 30s gave up her seat to an elderly man on walking sticks, he thanked her and took the proffered seat… next to the child, whose mother didn’t think it necessary to get her little girl to stand for the man. I suppose when you think about it, the question is “Does this show a lack of respect?”