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Cegedim Rx achieves NHS compliance using Quicksilva’s Spinal Tap®
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Quicksilva is delighted to have its first customer, a pharmacy software provider, through NHS Development Compliance and with live prescriptions passing through our new Spinal Tap® Version 2 broker compatible with the new NHS Spine EPS Release 2.
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Ten home- delivery Stoma Care/Continence Care companies join systems to pass NHS Connecting for Health Common Assurance Process
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Healthcare supplier reduces time to market
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The subject of securing patient data has always been tricky. Balancing privacy; the patient’s right to own and delete their data, against the need of healthcare professionals to access the information to deliver effective care, is difficult to say the least. This was illustrated in an article in Tuesday’s Guardian, which outlined how NHS patients will be able to delete their summary-care records from the Spine, should they wish to have the data permanently removed.
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Are you a Spine Compliance Lightweight?

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If Spine compliance is a game of chess, Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) are the pawns on the frontline of healthcare delivery. With 152 PCTs across the UK, taking 80 per cent of the NHS budget, their integration strategies are critical to the delivery of a modern healthcare service in the UK.
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Enables pharmacies to meet NHS ETP deadlines
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Getting through the compliance process can be a real headache. It is a cumbersome and onerous process, which involves negotiating a myriad of complex systems as well as the requirements of Connecting for Health (CFH). The end result is that after 18 months of trying, even some of the largest companies don't truly understand what is involved and, still no further forward, are left scratching their heads.
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Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust (HEFT) has selected Quicksilva to enable it to securely and compliantly access the NHS Spine, the central National database, in real-time. This is part of the Foundation Trust's aim to ensure the highest levels of patient data quality across the organisation.
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Salts Healthcare Ltd, one of the countries leading providers of Stoma Care appliances, orthotic footwear and sporting insoles, is to become ETP 2 compliant and secure its market share by entering into a managed services agreement with Quicksilva, an independent provider of software and services to the public sector.
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