Quicksilva: Delivery methodology The Qube, ISO/BPC accredited.

Our Approach

Even though the IT industry revolves around microchips and monitors, bits and bytes, cables and computers, Quicksilva believes the arts of personal communication and relationship building are as important as in any other.

Quicksilva is committed to structuring projects as a means of steering, managing risk and ensuring a common understanding of the approach to be taken to achieve project success.

The QUBE® - Quicksilva's delivery methodology
  • We use our delivery model, the QUBE, to guide the development and implementation process;
  • Agile development and our rapid prototyping ensure our responsive model that can flex through the development life-cycle;
  • We are standards-fixated...ISO9001, ISO27001, ITK, IG, HL7...we love ‘em all;
  • We are supplier-agnostic and will integrate with any system...anyone can use our solutions;
  • We don’t insist you convert to our platform...no lock-in with us...flexibility is our game;

Anyone can join us in achieving project success...

Our Certifications and Memberships

 Contact us to see what Quicksilva can do for you... email info@qxlva.com
...despite their contractor status [Quicksilva] were particularly effective in integrating themselves in a team environment and supporting other team members. I would be very comfortable contracting with this supplier in the future and I consider their contribution to my projects as one of the essential factors to our success. MJ, Director, Health Sector

A highly skilled team, family-feel culture and a quality delivery, make for value for money. Gayna Hart, Q's Founder and Managing Director

Our orQestra® solution was the first approved ITK Spine Service Provider.

Quicksilva was founded on 13th October 1999.