Quicksilva: Health sector solutions, work hard, play hard.

"Work hard, play hard”…seems like a cliché doesn’t it?...but at Quicksilva we think it makes sense.

  • BBQ lunch - well it was a nice day
  • Christmas party 1920s dressing up box
  • Usual rituals at the Q Fest BBQ
  • Quicksivla people learn self-defence

Today, peoples’ lives are more complex and we want to work in a way that allows our staff to enjoy the best of all worlds. Some people have been here for years, some have grown up here, and we want everyone to feel part of the Quicksilva family.

Our MD has this thing about the “work/life balance”…she says “This phrase doesn’t mean much to me as it puts work and life at the two ends of a continuum, and that isn’t how we live. The phrase that better serves is “work/life weave” as that is what happens in the real world.”

During the working week we try to break the working day up with events and activities that allow our staff to relax and bounce their creative ideas off each other.

Quicksilva encourages the weaving of one with the other as family life events can be critical to everyone…it’s a give and take culture.

Annual Cricket Match
Quicksilva cricket team A glorious summer's evening... sunshine, blue skies, and the perfect conditions for our annual cricket match against local company Scisys.

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