Quicksilva: positive person profile matches culture.

Person Profile™

Positive mental attitude

Person Profile - positive attitude
  • always alert and aware, engaging others
  • actively listening and gathering information
  • does not wash dirty laundry in public
  • does not moan when things go wrong or about their lot

Professional image

Person Profile - professional image
  • Aware of the effect of what they do and what they say
  • dress code appropriate to the environment

Delights in sharing

Person Profile - delights in sharing
  • shares knowledge within the Company
  • develops trust within the team
  • can always be relied on by colleagues
  • demonstrates altruism within the team
  • offers and requests feedback


Person Profile - self-motivated
  • self starter; self finisher
  • will do it for themselves (whatever it is!)

Committed to the Company

Person Profile - commited
  • Prepared for 24/7
  • will do whatever it takes
  • wont walk away from the client

Professional approach to your career

Person Profile - professional approach
  • expertise in chosen field
  • track record of successes and demonstrable excellence
  • disciplined
  • does not over-engineer solutions

Creative mindset

Person Profile - creative mindset
  • an adventurous thinker
  • can think outside the box
  • can take the lateral leap
  • provides elegant & simple solutions
  • has an entrepreneurial attitude
  • is an informed risk taker

Constantly learning

Person Profile - constantly learning
  • focused on continually developing and learning for life
  • actively seek feedback
  • fluid, adaptable style


Person Profile - fun-loving
  • quirky
  • sociable
  • confident in any situation
  • will put the effort into Company relationships outside hours

The Q Factor

Person Profile - the Q factor
  • prepared to go the extra mile to make a difference
  • a grafter but not a grinder
  • has charismatic appeal
  • can be part of an elite group without appearing smug
  • can build lasting relationships, chilled but not cold
  • jack of all trades, master of one