Quicksilva: About our culture, history, people and approach.

About Us

Our Culture

Quicksilva’s culture is focussed on people – you can tell a lot about how we will behave while we are providing you with solutions and services by viewing our Quicksilva Person Profile™. Our customer feedback gives us great pleasure and shows us that we treat customers well and they appreciate it.

We have highly skilled people, who are trustworthy and follow through on their promises – this is how we retain our customers. As a small company we can afford to be dynamic and accommodating. Now is the time to test our end-to-end flexibility.

Our History

Langley Gate - Quicksilva's offices

From the outset, Quicksilva has been associated with prestigious projects both in the public and private sector. Quicksilva was created in 1999 to meet the growing need for such an approach to IT development and delivery.

Our People

Quicksilva's Summer BBQ

Quicksilva's competitive advantage is the behaviour of its people. Our work ethic underpins the way we do business, from how we communicate to how we innovate, and it gives us an advantage in everything we do.

Our Approach

Retrieving the football

Even though the IT industry revolves around microchips and monitors, bits and bytes, cables and computers, Quicksilva believes the arts of personal communication and relationship building are as important as in any other industry.


Quicksilva's latest news

Quicksilva, an independent supplier of healthcare IT systems is providing real-time access to the NHS Personal Demographic Service (PDS), Summary Care Records (SCR) and data exchange between health and social care.