The Female Genital Mutilation Risk Indication System (RIS) is a new national system administered by HSCIC which enables health professionals to share FGM about girls at risk. 

Quicksilva’s experienced integration experts will seamlessly integrate your local system (such as a PAS) with the FGM RIS, which is currently available via the standalone N3 SCRa service.

Why integrate?

  • Clinical Safety - the power of integration enables alerts for admission/clinical staff, reducing risk of missing an at-risk child;
  • Efficiency - integration saves valuable clinical time – one log-in not two; and
  • Reduce Admin Costs - no need for manual double entry from SCRa to local systems.

To speak to an integration consultant about how you can access the FGM RIS directly, Contact us.

“What motivates our technical team is working on initiatives that really make a difference and that enhance the quality of care users of our services are able to provide to patients. The RIS initiative is one of these. It is a valuable extension of the safeguarding work we have done with the Child Protection Information Sharing programme to help identify at risk children and we couldn’t be more relieved about its usage on the front line. ”   Gareth Butt, Quicksilva Technical Director, Quicksilva