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Spinal Tap®

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Currently enabling integration to the NHS Spine quickly, easily and securely.

Spinal Tap® has been designed for organisations who want to adapt their systems so that they can communicate with the NHS Care Records System (NCRS). Connection through Spinal Tap® shields users from the complexity of HL7 messaging and the difficulties of the back end communication.

Currently leading the way with our connection modules for:

  • Electronic Prescribing/Dispensing (EPS 1 & 2)
  • Personal Demographics (PDS)
  • Choose and Book (CaB)

Quicksilva’s Spinal Tap® has been developed to act as a broker between any local and central system or two local systems.

Although it has been proving its value in the pharmacy arena since 2006, it is equally at home brokering in the wider NHS between any patient system and the NHS Spine. This makes it a valuable interconnection route for third parties.

Spinal Tap® - NHS Spine connectivity

Read about Spinal Tap® success in community pharmacies. A recent rollout saw nearly 1500 pharmacies connected using Spinal Tap® in just 5 working days.

Spinal Tap® v3 now available

  • Requires 50% less CPU
  • 60% saving on storage requirements
  • Enhanced archiving
  • New channel capability
  • Enhanced monitoring
  • PostgreSQL option available

Over 12,000 pharmacies have used our product (probably without even knowing it).

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