Quicksilva: patient data on demand across health and social care.


Our innovative service enables the exchange of clinical patient data, on demand, across health and social care

At Quicksilva we understand that health and social care personnel need to be able to send files in various formats. Those files also need to be transformed so they can be accessed by the recipient. This is an urgently needed service which will make a real difference to the work of our healthcare professionals.


Using our conneQt® service information can be sent and received via an Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) webservice or a secure email service. Enabling information sharing makes everyone’s life easier, staff and patients alike. It feels good to be able to improve patient data quality, save time and resources and to feel secure knowing that there is a record of the communications.

As successfully demonstrated by the 'London Adapter Project', Quicksilva's innovative conneQt® delivers the service to make it happen.

Click here to download our ITK Accreditation Certificate for conneQt®.

As a manager I am greatly reassured that I can track the discharge process from end to end - previously a time consuming manual task. This visibility also enables me to drive up accountability within my team, which is a useful management tool for raising standards ever higher in our organisation. Robert Skinner, Social Work and Discharge Planning Team Leader, Whittington NHS Trust

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